Seamless Vinyl Siding - The difference starts with length.

Request a FREE Quote for Seamless Vinyl SidingInfinity Seamless vinyl siding is 40 feet in length, more than three times the length of ordinary sidings. And that means on most homes and professional offices, seamless siding produces seamless exterior walls.

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Standard Vinyl Siding

Seamless Vinyl Siding

Siding first started in the 1960's with aluminum painted siding, (i.e. tin men). Shortly thereafter came vinyl covered aluminum, still only 12' 6" long, but certainly an advancement over its painted predecessor. Along came the 70's with the first generation of vinyl "box" siding. This new vinyl siding showed a lot of promise, however, there were color pigmentation challenges as well as expansion and contraction difficulties to overcome.

As we approached the 80's, different polymers and better chemical compounds improved the quality and the color of conventional 12' 6" "box" vinyl siding. Now that the structural integrity and quality were taken to the limit to produce perfection in the product, the industry was still left with challenges - seams - hundreds of them on the average home.

Seams are those areas where conventional box siding overlaps the next panel, resulting in an patchwork appearance on your home. These seams are also a breeding ground for insect infestation and water infiltration. Also, during high winds, these seams allow the gusts to get behind the panels causing it to tear off the home.

However, the biggest challenge associated with conventional box siding is the manner in which it is applied to the house. The traditional box siding is hung with an elongated nailing slot that each nail must be left out 1/32" to allow for expansion and contraction. The average home has hundreds of nails; each one must be perfect. One wrong nail or one panel nailed improperly will give you a much less than optimum appearance in your siding installation.

Hence the next generation of siding - the 40' Infinity seamless vinyl siding panel. The Infinity vinyl siding panel is .050" thick; 20% thicker than conventional siding. It comes with a smooth satin finish to simulate real painted wood, in 7 of the most popular colors. It comes in 2 profiles - double 4.5" and 4" designer dutchlap. The Infinity 40' panel eliminates all the installation challenges associated with conventional box siding.

Our Infinity 40' siding is anchored to your home with the patented "sure grip clip system", allowing for expansion and contraction without the possibility of an installation flaw. This is the greatest advancement in exterior home furnishings since paint.

Exclusive Technology

Infinity Seamless siding has been put through a rigid battery of tests to make sure it will perform where it counts most ­ on your home.

Exceeds ASTM Industry Impact Standards

The Impact Test
The impact test is first performed at 73°F (23°C). Then, the siding is frozen to 32°F (0°C) to simulate harsh weather conditions and a second impact test is performed. This results in a vinyl siding product that exceeds the ASTM industry impact standards by an average of 158 percent.

Maintains Rigidity under all weather conditions

The Shear Test
To ensure your siding withstands the test of time, a shear test is performed. Both the shears and siding are frozen to 14°F (-10°C) then the siding is cut into sections. The purpose of this test is to ensure your vinyl siding maintains its rigidity under the most severe weather conditions.

A Tougher Longer Lasting Seamless Vinyl Siding

The Flex Test
A flex test bends the siding almost 180° to ensure you get a tougher, longer-lasting siding. What's even more striking about this test, is that it is performed at 32°F (0°C) to ensure our siding maintains its structural integrity under the harshest weather conditions. If Infinity Seamless Vinyl Siding can pass the extremes of these three tests, imagine how well it will perform on your home. Year after year, season after season, solid Infinity Seamless Vinyl Siding stands the test of time.

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