Metal Siding (Aluminum and Seamleass Steal) – Basics, Review, Ratings

Aluminum Siding

Aluminum Siding Aluminum Siding is also one of the most popular exterior home coverings. It’s more common than Seamless Siding because steel tends to rust when exposed for a long period of time, unlike aluminum.

For the first few years you have Aluminum Siding, it requires little maintenance. However, soon it may show signs of cracking, rust, and peeling. After two or three years you should begin monitoring your siding for dents and other marks. Eventually, damaged panes should be repainted or replaced. Remember that caring for siding shouldn’t be for purely aesthetic reasons; siding protects your home from structural damage from moisture and insects.

When you touch your Aluminum Siding and a powdery residue is left on your hands, its time to repaint. There is a procedure to repainting that is important to remember. First, lay down a primer that is specially designed for your type of aluminum siding. If it turns out replacing a panel is necessary, make sure you have one that will match your existing siding. Some patterns of Aluminum Siding are discontinued by their manufacturers; it’s not uncommon for people to purchase extra panels when their siding is installed in case this happens.

Remember to clean your Aluminum Siding regularly. Scrubbing with an everyday detergent might be tedious, so power washing is an efficient means of getting the job done. But make sure you use a low-flow or weak setting. Some power washers might be powerful enough to strip the paint off of your siding or even damage the panels themselves. Test on a less visible portion of your siding before using a power washer on the whole house.

Seamless Siding

Seamless Siding Long lasting and protective, Seamless Siding truly creates a “seamless” seal around your house. On the day of installation, your house will be measured and steel panels cut right at your home to the correct length. Unlike Aluminum or Vinyl Siding, Seamless Siding is the exact length of your house and leaves no gaps or overlaps. Its perfect fit makes it waterproof and offers some of the best protection against pests and other types of invasive damage. More information on seamless siding.

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